The Marketing agency Specializing in Coaching Sales Online

Promote your business alongside the most high-performing coaches and business providers on the market.

Founded by Matthias NEZZAR,

Nezzar Consulting is a marketing agency specializing in client acquisition on social networks.

For nearly four years, our teams have been assisting coaches and affiliates worldwide in significantly increasing their online sales.

More than just an agency we are a network of business generators and trainers that has become indispensable in the world of infopreneurship.

Why work with
Nezzar Consulting?

Market-recognized training:

We have trained over 10,000 individuals worldwide in the past 3 years and have established ourselves as a reference in the French-speaking market.

UNUSUAL Work Freedom:

Manage your hours as you wish and work from home without ever receiving orders from anyone.

International Partnerships and Networks:

Join and benefit from our network of several thousand professionals seeking new collaborations.  

DAILY Live Coaching:

Progress five times per week (with Matthias himself and his teams) live to analyze your work and make progress.

7-Day Customer Service:

Enjoy technical assistance at any time if you have a particular need.

Our top-performing students

You may still have
some questions...

This will depend on your current skill level, goals, and the type of support you are looking for.
All our programs have been designed so that a beginner who has never set foot on the internet can start making a living from it in just a few weeks.
Some of our offers guarantee results, but the real guarantee is your involvement.
Coaching sessions take place every week, and the schedule varies each month. All live sessions are accessible on replay on your education platform.